The tile factory

The arts of tile-making and delftware painting and their recipes have been passed down through generations.

Old delftware artists have succeeded in enthusing the younger generation for the art and have passed on their knowledge with a passion. The craft of tile making has also passed from old to young generations. A more than 400-year tradition continues to be carried out with enthusiasm and passion by our delftware artists and ceramicists. Over the years, Albarello has grown to become a reputable tile factory with 4 specialisms.


Contemporary ceramic wall covering with colours, glazes and clay recipes developed by Albarello especially for modern interiors.

We have developed an exclusive line for modern interiors by experimenting with new colours and raw materials. For this line, we continue to be innovative and develop new glazes, colour recipes and tile shapes. Exclusive tiles can be made in direct consultation with client or architect.

Want to know what Albarello can do for your interior or exterior? Feel free to schedule an appointment.


Here at Albarello, both classical and contemporary images are painted using age-old methods. Our 4 delftware artists here at Albarello paint images on tiles and tile tableaux applying authentic and artisanal techniques. The famous Friesian and Dutch painting traditions are safeguarded at Albarello, preserved in good hands.


Reproduction and custom-made authentic tiles for wall, floor and façade.

Our tiles are entirely made in our factory. This enables the production of tiles, facing bricks and other characteristic building materials that harmonise perfectly with traditional building materials. It is of course vitally important to research the original production method, which we do through analysis and performing many tests. Thus we have built up unique expertise in the field of restoration and renovation.

Over the years we have become specialised in restoration and have made a good name for ourselves.


Whites are made in the traditional manner following 17th-century procedures, resulting in a wide range of colour shades. The Friesian white is a true classic! This product stems from the first half of the 17th century. Our whites still keep to the original size of 13 x13 centimetres and are about 8 millimetres thick. We use the old original procedures, but continue to develop new colour shades as well.

In addition, all kinds of accompanying items, from profiled edges to capping tiles, are available in the same shades of colour.

Our factory and showroom is in an old Frisian farmhouse. Behold the beautiful images from above.

Highlighted Projects

Princessehof National Museum of Ceramics Leeuwarden

Albarello and the Leeuwarden Ceramic Museum join hands.

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Villa Insulinde Groningen

Pretzels are small floor tiles that fit perfectly together due to their special shape. The variety of colours makes for endless possibilities for laying patterns.

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Traptegels voor museum Boijmans van Beuningen

Een impressie van onze werkwijze.

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